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>My Journey begins yet again… November 19, 2009

Filed under: chick 1,weight loss — Momma Chick @ 4:40 pm

>When I first joined Weight Watchers I raved and raved about it. Went gun-ho eating healthy, counting points, and exercising religiously. I lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks and was on my way to my goal and then…

Life and illness came and I got back into my old ways. For awhile the weight stayed where it was give or take a pound and then the downhill started. Now I am back to 5 pounds gained… maybe more, and my eating habits? Well we won’t go there. The only exercise I got was chasing Chick 3, since she is my mighty climber.

March is coming fast and I refuse to go to Jamaica without getting close if not to my goal, so tonight I get back in that wagon and head on to Weight Watchers. I love the support and when going I get my motivation recharged. Next is getting the exercise part back in gear.


3 Responses to “>My Journey begins yet again…”

  1. >Good for you, I have just lost 10 pounds over a few months and now I am in that struggle of keeping it off period, especially this time of year. I am enjoying not carrying the extra tummy poof around though:)

  2. Sara Says:

    >You have PLENTY of time until March. Sounds like you are really motivated–I know you'll do great! 🙂

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