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>Restaurant.Com: Review November 24, 2009

Filed under: Review — Momma Chick @ 5:49 am

>I came across the website Restaurant.com from BzzAgent.

About the site:

What kind of people will like Restaurant.com? Anyone who:

  • Loves saving money
  • Enjoys trying new places to eat
  • Was totally confused by the season finale of Lost

So yeah, it’s pretty much for everybody. Not that we’re surprised or anything — at Restaurant.com, you can score $25 restaurant gift certificates for just $10 (sometimes even less).

Not sure about this site just yet. I like that I can get a gift certificate for less the price, but not sure about the constrictions on how much to spend. if I was getting it for myself and I know I am going to spend the mandatory amount then it is a great deal. As a gift I am not sure I feel comfortable giving a gift where they have an amount they have to spend.


One Response to “>Restaurant.Com: Review”

  1. Ashley Says:

    >These are a good deal! Although, some areas only have a very select number of nearby restaurants where you can use them. Another thing to look at if you give them as gifts!

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