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>Cheat Sheet Mondays March 15, 2010

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>Today’s installment is not a food, but more of a tip or trick I learned.

Eating out is SO hard for me. I am determined to do my best and not indulge in the foods that are my comfort. No I am not depriving myself just taking the healthier route, but with the same taste.

I know I should live a little right? I would but it is so easy to gain back that 5 pounds and a lot harder to get them back off.

Here are a couple things I have implemented that was told to me. Well 2 words.


Am I always successful? Of course not!

Usually you know where you are eating before hand and that can be used to your advantage.

Many restaurants have nutritional facts online and some let you virtually build your meal.

If I can I will figure out what I am eating before I go. This way I don’t have to look at the menu.

I know I sound crazy, but that darn menu always draws me in.

Remember that veggies are not always low in calories. Some restaurants saute them in butter before they use them.

If you can’t do it online ask them for the nutritional facts. Usually it is a separate menu.

If they don’t have any then stay safe with the food you know and make sure to say no butter when they cook.

Oh and next time your out look at the calories in a salad. It will surprise you! Really it will!


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