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>Cheat Sheet Mondays April 12, 2010

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>I know I know I have been slacking in the blogging department. The last few weeks I suffered from writer’s block, and then spring break with the chicks. Trying to get back on track here and what better way than to start with a post on food!

Today’s Cheat Sheet Monday is a dessert idea. I guess I like to write about tricks that involve dessert, because I always always need to end mine with a treat!

This was an idea given by my mom so I thought I would share.

You will need…
I used reduced fat graham crackers… even low fat/reduced fat cinnamon would work. I take a whole cracker and crush it into tiny crumbs. This goes at the bottom of the bowl.
I take one pudding snack. I prefer sugar free, but fat free works as well. I scoop out the pudding of one and put that on top of the graham crackers.
I am a whipped topping feign and put this on any dessert I can think of. In WW land this is 0 points for 2 tablespoons. I put that serving on top of the pudding.
This snack is low in calories and in fat. For me this is a 2 point snack and perfect for the end of my day!

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