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We may seem like one ordinary family, but we are one unique chicken coop!

>I Surrender April 24, 2010

Filed under: chick 1,Chick 3,family — Momma Chick @ 2:43 pm


The white flag is up.
I surrender finally.
To who may I be surrendering to?
I am surrendering to the sleeping gods.
I do have selfish reasons, because I am hoping that by surrendering I may just get their sympathy and finally they will give me the sleep I so feel I deserve.
Sleeping gods please have mercy on this mommy, who would love to have 1 good nights sleep eventually.
I really would greatly appreciate it!

One Response to “>I Surrender”

  1. >you can drop the girls off here one afternoon and get a cat nap in. I would be more that willing to help a fellow mama out!Ü

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