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>Small Talk Six: Most Useful Websites May 22, 2010

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Today’s topic is “6 Most Useful Websites”. Some of the sites I am about to list are useful to me, but I doubt useful to many others.

1. Google: I am always searching for something on google whether it be for info, pictures, or even just one little word I can’t remember.

2. Facebook: This site keeps me up to date with the goings ons of the world. Yep my family has taken Facebook to our main way to communicate.

3. Goodreads: Goodreads has become almost as important as Facebook. This site is great for keeping track of books you are reading, have read, or want to read. I am always finding more books I want to read, so I just list them all on this great site made for the bookworms out there.

4. Cafemom: I signed up with Cafemom, because a friend sent me an email to try it out. I didn’t go back for a couple years until I found out I was pregnant with Chick 3. I hadn’t been pregnant for 7 years and thought this site could help me with what I had forgotten. I wound up finding a group with others pregnant and due around the same time. Who knew I would meet the most wonderful women, who have become lifelong friends!

5. IMDB: This site has become my new best friend. Remember the old days before internet when you would be watching a movie and couldn’t place one of the actors/actresses? Well IMDB has alleviated that frustration. My guilty pleasure though is to read the trivia and quotes… You can never have too much useless information in your brain.

6. Blogger: I never thought I would ever start a blog. I am so glad I did. I have met some wonderful blog writers and found so many great and useful networking sites. Who knew how much power us mom bloggers had!


3 Responses to “>Small Talk Six: Most Useful Websites”

  1. Heather Says:

    >I google everything. My students laugh at me now because they know I will run to my computer to verify my answers to their questions. NIce to meet you.

  2. Cakeblast Says:

    >They certainly are all useful – Google has everything; of course so does Yahoo. I use Facebook, but just discovered a 5,000 friend limit that could someday be the Social Networking giant's downfall – Friendster used to be a lot like FB but their limits caused people to leave. Image email contacts or twitter with such limits – fine for most people, but…I LOVE IMDB! I've been going there since before Amazon bought them and love knowing about movies years before they are released (although it gets frustrating sometimes to wait).I am following you from Friendly Friday Follow – I know it's Saturday, but yesterday was very busy. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at http://cakeblast.com🙂

  3. >I love Goodreads too. It has helped me from buying books that I won't finish. Youc an pretty much get a feel for them through all the comments!

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