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>Aloha Friday #2 Guilty Pleasure June 11, 2010

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It is Aloha Friday once again! This means today is a day for taking it easy, therefore I will just ask one simple question. Click the picture to learn more.

What is your guilty pleasure on tv?

My guilty pleasure is Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, and not one I always talk about. Not that I am embarrassed of watching (well maybe I am), but I am never sure if anyone else is a fan as well.


13 Responses to “>Aloha Friday #2 Guilty Pleasure”

  1. Owen's Mom Says:

    >I like Reality Shows…even the bad ones! I love the Duggers, Toddlers & Tiaras (always surprised with this one), Tori & Dean…

  2. >This is my first time visiting and just want to say that I love the look of your blog!My guilty TV pleasure is literally any reality show that MTV broadcasts. Yes, even The Hills. I watched all the Laguna Beach seasons, so I HAD to follow along when The Hills started, right? (RIGHT?)My favorite is the Real World/Road Rules Challenges that they do

  3. >I LOVE the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. Even with all the trampiness and fights, because I love train wrecks!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    >My guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives on Bravo… and it really is a guilty pleasure.

  5. >I am addicted to The Real Housewives of Orange County. I just can't get into the other cities. Maybe it's because I live a hop, skip, and a jump from Orange County.

  6. Shmonae Says:

    >cute blog! It makes me laugh because I just designed a whole new website around my "six chicks, and clucks from our coop" It should go online soon. Know that I didn't copy you, but that we just both have good taste 😉

  7. Annie Says:

    >I don't know.Thanks for stopping by my blog today.Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

  8. >OMG! That is mine and my hubby's guilty pleasure! Love that show. I am so happy to have found your blog. Looks great!

  9. >My guilty pleasure is Hell's Kitchen… 🙂 I keep forgetting about Tori and Dean, I've been meaning to check out their new show! Aloha Friday Follow: Bread Storage

  10. Xmas Dolly Says:

    >Dang, I don't think I have one. That's sad! Or at least I can't think of one right now. Hmmmm

  11. One 2 Try Says:

    >I am hooked on So You think you can dance!

  12. >I like So You Think I Can Dance too.

  13. Liz Says:

    >i have yet to watch tori and dean. there isn't anything that "bad" that i watch. as far as reality tv goes, it's things like hell's kitchen or america's got talent.

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