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>Beating the Plateau June 14, 2010

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Plateaus, or “hitting brick walls” can be very frustrating when you are trying to loose weight! Especially when you think you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

About a month ago I hit a “brick wall” of my own. Each week I was loosing maybe .2 pounds a week. Yes it was a loss but I still thought I should be loosing more.

While weighing in at my Weight Watchers meeting the lady behind the counter told me, “Maybe you are hitting a plateau.”

She gave me a book on plateaus and I decided to read through it.

The first thing I read that I know I should try was to look back and see if anything has changed with my eating and/or exercise.

I reflected and realized that during my weight loss weeks I was measuring everything I ate. I also consumed at least 5/6 servings of fruit and veggies a day.

During my “brick wall” weeks I was getting lackadaisical over measuring. I figured I could “eye” everything and it would be right.

I noticed that I was eating half the fruits and veggies I usually consumed.

The week after that meeting I made sure to do what I was successfully doing before and it worked.

I don’t believe in the mantra that everyone hits plateaus and that you just have to deal with it. It is more of a time to reflect and make sure you aren’t slacking in an area that was successful to your weight loss.

If you feel you have hit your “brick wall” make sure you reflect on what you are doing. Do you need to exercise more? Are your eating habits the same?

Change up your week with what you think you need more of and maybe that will work! Don’t let this period stop you from pushing on! Persevere and you will be happy that you did.


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