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>Small Talk 6:What my dad and I have in common June 19, 2010

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>Want to join in Small Talk Six? Click the picture for the details!

1. Action Movies: He is the reason I love them so much.

2. Classic Rock

3. Classic Cars

4. Rival baseball games: Me DODGERS 🙂 Him ANGELS 😛

5. Camping

6. Belching in the woods when camping


5 Responses to “>Small Talk 6:What my dad and I have in common”

  1. >This is a really fun list.

  2. shopannies Says:

    >sounds like some fun times

  3. ham1299 Says:

    >Belching in the woods! LMAO Love it! Thanks for visiting Ramblings & More! :-0

  4. Hazel Says:

    >It's great to picture you and your dad watching your games 🙂

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