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>Ants on Purpose? June 24, 2010

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>Yes we have ants ON PURPOSE!

No we didn’t leave some sugar on the ground just hoping they would choose our house.

Chick 2, my little scientist in the making, is a proud owner of her own ant farm.

The Friday after school was out a little package came in the mail.

The package?

ANTS. Yep ants can be shipped.
That morning we put the farm together and now we have ants as pets.

Okay I may not love ants. I mean I squash the little boogers every chance I get, but ants are the easiest pets to have. Also, I will admit that they are cool to look at. They amaze me that they just know what to do in their new surroundings.

So, for now we are proud owners of ants!

This Momma Chick will do anything for my Chick to have fun with all things science (well almost).


2 Responses to “>Ants on Purpose?”

  1. >Stopping by from MomLoop! Looks like lots of fun! For some reason we have an abundance of ants this year. I'm sending them your way :o)

  2. Quirky Momma Says:

    >Oh! That looks like fun! I bet your daughter is having a grand time watching the colony grow and develop!

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