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>More time to blog? September 27, 2010

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>Hopefully, because….

I am once again going to boast the iPhone on my blog!

Either you are a iPhone fan and thinking “Yay!”


You aren’t and thinking “Get over yourself it is just a phone!”

Well if you aren’t maybe this will help you become an iPhone fan…

At this moment I am writing a blog post from work ON MY PHONE!!!

I am just too busy to go on the computer at home. Once I get home from work my chicks want this momma chick’s undivided attention.

Now I am hoping that this is the beginning to more frequent posts. Thank you iPhone for making this possible!


2 Responses to “>More time to blog?”

  1. >How cool is that! I would love to be able to do that.

  2. Tena Says:

    >I have a good post for you to write… it's called Tag You're It!!I tagged you, here…. http://www.5150mommy.com/2010/09/tag-youre-it.html<3Tena

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