3 Chicks and a Rooster

We may seem like one ordinary family, but we are one unique chicken coop!

Man Cards February 22, 2011

Filed under: rooster — Momma Chick @ 8:27 am

These could also be referred to as testosterone/male ego cards.

If  your man is caught holding your purse: He looses a man card.

If your man proves he can bench press his weight and then some: He gains a man card.

Rooster and I joke about his man cards, but there is one I really wanted him to get.

This last year has been a tough one for our chicken coop.

Rooster was laid off in 2009.

2010 we moved in with his parents.

I worked here and there, but with only education as my background not many other places were hiring.

I got a seasonal job in hopes it could turn full time. Rooster would stay home.

That job ended and then we were both scrambling to find jobs yet again.

Rooster applied and never was called. We were at our wits end!

Then the best thing for him happened…

He got a call for the most perfect job and not that big of a pay difference.

Today is his first day and he got one heck of a man card back.


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