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Operation PV March 21, 2011

Filed under: Momma Chick,Operation PV — Momma Chick @ 8:53 am

See that beautiful place? In April 2012 I will be heading there… Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

This means that I have a little over 365 days to get to my goal of loosing 30 pounds.

If I stick to my plan I will loose that 30 pounds before 2012 even approaches and I will be a maintainer.

My plan is to stick with Weight Watchers. I LOVE Weight Watchers and almost hit my goal a year ago. Things happened financially and I stopped the plan and eating right, hence the 30 pounds I need to loose.

Exercise will be a must and I will incorporating that into my every day as well.

If I post my updates it will hold me accountable. I mean who wants to be in a beautiful place like Puerto Vallarta and be embarrassed of how they look?

So today starts the first day of the rest of my life, or the next 365 days of my life.


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