3 Chicks and a Rooster

We may seem like one ordinary family, but we are one unique chicken coop!

WE DID IT! March 30, 2011

Filed under: Baby Chick,Momma Chick,rooster — Momma Chick @ 11:19 am

Or any day!

Yes you read right!

We are officially a non-binky house!

No more worrying about looking under couches and cushions.

No more worrying about pushed out teeth.

I wish I could say it was easy and it only took a day.

Nope nothing with baby Chick is ever easy.

It took one week without the incessant crying.

It took two weeks without asking for it.

It took three weeks without mentioning the word at all.

It was hard work, but we did it!

Baby Chick is binky free!



One Response to “WE DID IT!”

  1. Very proud of your sweet baby chick! That’s a very hard obstacle to get over and it’s a lot of hard work by mommy and daddy!!

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