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Let’s Talk About… April 12, 2011

Filed under: change,chick 1,Chick 2 — Momma Chick @ 10:04 am

Last week Fashionista Chick had another coming of age moment.

She got the puberty talk at school. She knows about periods, and that periods means you can have babies.

This talk was more in-depth of the female anatomy and also male anatomy.

As a parent of a tween I am fully aware that in our sexualized society that teen pregnancy is very visible. Just turn to MTV and you have Teen Mom and Jersey Shore (BTW my daughter is NOT allowed to watch).

What I find the most ironic that in a sex obsessed country the topic of sex is so hard to talk about with children.

Studies show that in countries that talk freely pregnancies and STD’s in teens is lower than in the USA where we focus on abstinence over taking precautions.

My plan?

Fashionista knows she can come to me about anything. I have also made other outlets for her just in case, i.e. aunts, cousins, etc.

She knows she can say the word penis and vagina without thinking of them as dirty words.

The real SEX talk will be coming sooner than later. Sooner than when I got the talk, because let’s face it times have changed a bit.

I will tell her that I would like her to abstain till marriage, but also give her education on what precautions to take as well.

I will tell her that her father was my first (truth) and that it is more special when the relationship is a great one (ours was).

I could be that parent that thinks their child will wait for marriage (I really do hope she does), but who are we kidding?

Did I wait? No.

If you did, then I have a loads of respect.



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