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Taking it too far! April 21, 2011

Filed under: current events,Momma Chick,music,pop culture,rant — Momma Chick @ 9:12 am

A few weeks ago a San Fransisco Giant fan went to a ball game at the opposing teams stadium

Said fan was beat unconscious because of being a fan of the rivaled team that played the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Yesterday I was reading my local news app on my phone and see that Rebecca Black, that sings the song Friday that became a You Tube sensation, is receiving threats, because someone wants her song off the internet.

I understand loving a team to the point where you think every other team sucks.

I understand disliking a song, because it isn’t your cup of tea.

But to physically harm someone because of what they like or what they sing?

The man that was beaten is a father, and just wanted to see his team play.

The 13 year old, yes THIRTEEN YEAR OLD, has a dream like every other starry eyed teen, who wants to make it big one day.

I may want the Giants to loose every game played against the Dodgers. Does that mean I want to beat up a fan of the opposing team?

No, because the love the game should mean more to you than who likes what team.

Do I like the song Friday? Honestly, Her genre is just not one I listen to, but many others do.

Do I want harm coming to this teenager? Absolutely not!

She has a dream and I hope she succeeds.

Have a listen! Let’s show her some love even if we don’t care for the song itself.

The man that was beaten at a baseball game is still in critical condition. Let’s pray that he does survive and the men who are responsible are caught!


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