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Aloha Friday: Happy Earth Day! April 22, 2011

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It is Aloha Friday once again!

This means today is a day for taking it easy, therefore I will just ask one simple question.

Click the picture to learn more.

My question is in honor of Earth Day:

What do you do on a daily basis to help out Mother Earth?

My answer:

I already do the basics, like turn off lights when leaving a room, recycling what can be recycled,  watching water consumption, etc.
There is so much more I want to do if I had the means to do it. I would love an energy efficient car, plant a fruit/vegetable garden, use as much solar energy as I can.

Happy Aloha Friday to you all!


Let’s Talk About… April 12, 2011

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Last week Fashionista Chick had another coming of age moment.

She got the puberty talk at school. She knows about periods, and that periods means you can have babies.

This talk was more in-depth of the female anatomy and also male anatomy.

As a parent of a tween I am fully aware that in our sexualized society that teen pregnancy is very visible. Just turn to MTV and you have Teen Mom and Jersey Shore (BTW my daughter is NOT allowed to watch).

What I find the most ironic that in a sex obsessed country the topic of sex is so hard to talk about with children.

Studies show that in countries that talk freely pregnancies and STD’s in teens is lower than in the USA where we focus on abstinence over taking precautions.

My plan?

Fashionista knows she can come to me about anything. I have also made other outlets for her just in case, i.e. aunts, cousins, etc.

She knows she can say the word penis and vagina without thinking of them as dirty words.

The real SEX talk will be coming sooner than later. Sooner than when I got the talk, because let’s face it times have changed a bit.

I will tell her that I would like her to abstain till marriage, but also give her education on what precautions to take as well.

I will tell her that her father was my first (truth) and that it is more special when the relationship is a great one (ours was).

I could be that parent that thinks their child will wait for marriage (I really do hope she does), but who are we kidding?

Did I wait? No.

If you did, then I have a loads of respect.



>Work and blogging? How? June 2, 2010

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>Working and finding time for blogging?

How oh how do those who work and have kids do this?

I subbed for 6 days in a row (M-F and T) and after spending time with the chicks, catching up on housework, and spending more time with the chicks I was EXTREMELY exhausted and as soon as Chick 3 was asleep I followed suit and was in bed by 9pm.

Today is my first day off, and actually had time to even go on the computer to check my blogging account. Even had to dust off the computer screen so I could even see what I was looking at.

I am still trying to find a full time job, so hopefully this Chick will learn how to fit in blogging into my day.


>When times get tough… February 19, 2010

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>Writing is an outlet that I love, but I guess sometimes I have to deal with things in my own way. Not blogging lately has given me that time to readjust to the new aspects in my life.

In this time we have moved and are living with Rooster’s parents. The chicks have adjusted extremely well. We have taken a hit in some ways financially so this will help us get back on track and make the decision of what to do next as it comes.

In this time I have learned to be more of a leader and a wife who fights. I admit I was dependent on Rooster to be the caretaker. I am not a feminist and love the man being in charge and doing my fighting for me. During the last month I have had to become that caretaker I wanted my husband to always be. I do have to say that it was nice to be one that people looked to, the one to tell everyone that we will come out on top. During this time I feel more of a grown up. Sounds funny since I have been a “grown up” for 12 years now. SHHH don’t try and figure out numbers.

Now that I have had my blogging vacation I am ready to come back. I have many different ideas in mind and feel this is the outlet I need when times feel tough.

When times get tough you must push through, because if you give up you will miss out at the triumph climb back to the top!


>Start of a New Era January 19, 2010

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>2010 not only brought the start of a new decade, but a new milestone for me as well.

I have said good-bye to the 20’s and am now embarking on life in the 30’s. I thought I may have woken up feeling like a new woman. Don’t we hope that will happen on our birthdays?

Nope I woke up same old me just a year older. I looked in the mirror and saw the grey that I have been neglecting to cover and the wrinkles that have been creeping up on my face. Good- bye the perky 20’s and hello to… well something 30’s. Haven’t figured out what the next 10 years will be.

I am hopeful and optimistic that this new decade will bring just as much good fortune as the 20’s.


>Looking Forward January 7, 2010

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>When times are tough one always goes to the what ifs…

What if I did A instead of B

What if I didn’t do C

What if D wasn’t an option.

Then the regrets pile up and you wish you took the path of least resistance.

Instead of looking to the past one must pick up the pieces and look at what you can do and how to fix it for a better future.

Most importantly one must have FAITH and BELIEVE!!


>Does this mean I am getting old? November 18, 2009

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>I never did have those party years after high school, or well even in high school. I had my oldest at 20, so being responsible was my only choice. Do I regret it? Absolutely not!

When Chick 2 was about 6 I started going out with my girlfriend to bars (pretty much my first bar was at 26). No I didn’t go to meet men (I don’t think Rooster would be too happy), but more to socialize and be around adults. I wasn’t out every night, but it was more often than I had in the past. Chick 2 was 6 and 7 at this time, so I was able to rest and nap throughout the day.

About a year or so later I got pregnant with Chick 3 and those days were behind me again. Again in no way do I regret it.

Now Chick 3 is 15 months and there are times I am invited to go out yet again. All that goes through my head these days is… “If I am home by midnight I wonder how much sleep I would get.” or “If I only have 2 drinks and no more I won’t have to spend the whole day recuperating.” Those few hours away seem to do more damage to the little energy I do have the next day.

Does that age me? I am young, but when you spend days chasing after a monkey that feels climbing is better than toys, or exhausting the little energy you do have arguing with a 9 year old about homework and computer time going out does not sound appealing.

My ideal night now is tucking the chicks into bed early (if that could ever happen), grabbing a bottle of wine and the remote, and just watching all the shows I never have time to watch until the Sandman takes over.