3 Chicks and a Rooster

We may seem like one ordinary family, but we are one unique chicken coop!

Opposites Attract May 25, 2011

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When I hear about single friends and how they are attracted to someone because they have many similar interests I wonder how that really works.

I am not knocking it, but I will tell you the truth,

I fell for Rooster for these reasons…

1. HOTNESS… That boy at the age of 19 was one athletic, fine specimen of a man. (Don’t worry he is like a good bottle of wine, who only gets better with age)

2. Confidence… He is one cocky guy who knows his stuff don’t stink.

3. Intelligence… It irritates me sometimes the brains this man has and  how naturally he comes by it.

I didn’t fall for him for our similarities, because when you look we don’t have many.

He is a night owl, whereas I could be asleep by 9 on any night.

He loves to go out on the town, whereas I would rather cuddle on the couch with glass of wine.

He can do something over and over until he wants to get it right, whereas I will give up and maybe go back after a month.

He can watch endless hours of any sport, including golf (SNORE FEST), whereas I can spend endless hours reading a good book.

The few similarities we do have fill in the holes, but it’s our differences that make us the strong couple we are.

You don’t need to be twins in comparisons for a great relationship to be just that… GREAT!


Wordless Wednesday: We are normal! May 18, 2011

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As long as it helps me sleep at night right? 😉


Broken car, family drama, and a death in the family

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When things get tough in my every day life I turn into an Ostrich and hide in the sand, because when it rains it pours.

Broken Car

Our transmission went kaput, so we turned into a one car coop.

75% of my day was spent in a car, doing drop off, pick up, drop off, and pick up.

The car is finally fixed, which means more time for Momma Chick to write and blog.

Family Drama

Why is it when there is money involved personalities change?

If it isn’t your money than leave it alone, enough said.

Death in the family

Death is hard, especially when the person still had life to live.

I just hope he is without his internal struggle and at peace.

We love you Uncle Tom! You are thought of and missed every day!

I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy, so I am keeping this short and tomorrow will be moving on 🙂


>Conversations that make you go Hmmm… November 12, 2010

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>Why do I love being a parent?

Because of the awesome conversations and/or phrases I get to hear come out of my Chick’s mouths.

Last night while in the car, Chick 2 asked if it hurt when I had her.

I told her, “Oh yeah”

She then asks, “Does it hurt like when you have to poop but can’t?”

I tell her, “It hurts a lot more than that”

Rooster then explains, “It’s like trying to poop out a watermelon”

Baby Chick is in the stage of learning and repeating new words on a daily basis. Of course some words don’t sound quite like the real thing.

While playing with her one day she says, “My horse is pissing”

I think I almost pissed myself when I heard this.

Then I realized what that truly meant…

“My horse is missing”

Oh and yes missing is still pissing in her vocabulary.


>Aloha Friday #6

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It is Aloha Friday once again! This means today is a day for taking it easy, therefore I will just ask one simple question. Click the picture to learn more.

Today’s question:

Do you think you could survive without technology for a week?

Honestly, I would love to say oh yes just give me a book to read or supplies to make jewelry and I am set. However, I know I would go crazy without my phone, or computer. Just the thought makes me break out in a cold sweat! I know there are people out there a lot stronger than I am and to that I have mad R-E-S-P-E-C-T!


>Monkey hear, Monkey say November 10, 2010

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>We have officially entered the stage where what we say can and will be used against us.

That’s right… baby chick has finally entered the repeat everything stage.

I am the winner in this area, because this momma chick; who is known for having a potty mouth; has taught her little chick a few not so cute phrases.

“Oh crap”
“Darn it”
“That sucks”

At least they are more PG-13 right? No rated R words thank goodness.

Rooster is the winner for more positive phrases learned:


Is it wrong that I still giggle when she says, “oh crap” just so she says it again?

Come on it’s funny right?


>When the kid you becomes the adult you… October 11, 2010

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Child Version:

You go out to eat. You get your kids menu and crayons. You color and try and get into the adult talk. It’s boring, so you get back to coloring. You get your food first. You are so hungry you shovel your food in your mouth. In five minutes you’re done. You look up and see the adults have eaten only a bite of their food. They are spending more time talking than eating. You tell your parents, “I’m done. I want to go home. Can we go now? I’m done and bored. Please, can we go now?” Parents tell you to stop whining and that we will go when we are ready to go.

Adult Version:

You go out to eat. You make sure your kids have a menu and crayons to keep them busy, because you forgot to bring toys. They color, they are content and quiet, and you can finally engage yourself in adult talk. You enjoy the light-hearted conversation. You see your child get restless and are thankful the waiter brings out your child’s food. Your food comes and resume talk as well. After five minutes of eating your child starts tugging your arm. They keep complaining they are bored and want to leave over and over. You now wish your babysitter had come through.

I have been the main star of both versions. When I was younger I always wondered why adults could just sit and talk for hours and not be bored. I thought, “Don’t you just eat and leave restaurants?”

As an adult I do everything to keep the chicks entertained, so I can talk that little bit more. Adult interaction comes at a minimum when you become a parent. Of course my kids have become that ever dreaded child version and I have somehow become the adult version that wishes the chicks would be those who were okay with being seen and not heard at restaurants.