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Children’s Claritin Syrup {Review} May 3, 2011

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Give your kids powerful relief from their worst allergy symptoms!

Children’s Claritin® Grape Syrup tastes great and makes them feel better without making them drowsy. Just one dose lasts all school day to give your kids powerful non-drowsy relief.
* #1 Pediatrician-Recommended Non-drowsy Brand
* Effective on indoor and outdoor allergies
* Safe and effective for kids ages 2 years and older1
* Lasts all school day
* Dye-Free
* Sugar-Free
* Alcohol-Free
Also available in fruit flavor.
* temporarily relieves these symptoms due to hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies:
o runny nose
o sneezing
o itchy, watery eyes
o itching of the nose or throat

My Chicky Review

Fashionista Chick is plagued with allergies.

We are always at the doctor for sinus infections due to her allergies invading her sinus cavities.

We always want to nip those bad boys in the bud, so I decided to try Claritin when there was a flare up.

Claritin paired with her daily nose spray helped keep her allergy flare ups manageable.

The syrup is easy to go down, since it is a yummy grape flavor.

Your child not like grape? Then try the fruit flavor.

Kids should not have to live with daily allergies and Claritin helps in giving a great tasting syrup that will help curb these symptoms.

This product along with other Claritin products are available at your local drug store.

Want to know more? Head on over to Claritin’s website.

I give this product 2 wings up!

*This product was reviewed in part of a BzzAgent campaign. I didn’t receive any monetary compensation*