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Children’s Claritin Syrup {Review} May 3, 2011

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Give your kids powerful relief from their worst allergy symptoms!

Children’s Claritin® Grape Syrup tastes great and makes them feel better without making them drowsy. Just one dose lasts all school day to give your kids powerful non-drowsy relief.
* #1 Pediatrician-Recommended Non-drowsy Brand
* Effective on indoor and outdoor allergies
* Safe and effective for kids ages 2 years and older1
* Lasts all school day
* Dye-Free
* Sugar-Free
* Alcohol-Free
Also available in fruit flavor.
* temporarily relieves these symptoms due to hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies:
o runny nose
o sneezing
o itchy, watery eyes
o itching of the nose or throat

My Chicky Review

Fashionista Chick is plagued with allergies.

We are always at the doctor for sinus infections due to her allergies invading her sinus cavities.

We always want to nip those bad boys in the bud, so I decided to try Claritin when there was a flare up.

Claritin paired with her daily nose spray helped keep her allergy flare ups manageable.

The syrup is easy to go down, since it is a yummy grape flavor.

Your child not like grape? Then try the fruit flavor.

Kids should not have to live with daily allergies and Claritin helps in giving a great tasting syrup that will help curb these symptoms.

This product along with other Claritin products are available at your local drug store.

Want to know more? Head on over to Claritin’s website.

I give this product 2 wings up!

*This product was reviewed in part of a BzzAgent campaign. I didn’t receive any monetary compensation*


>Putting out an APB March 12, 2010

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>The APB is for this Chick. She has been missing for the last 3 days… well not her but her spunky personality.

I want to find that smile, laugh, and comedic acting child.

I want to find the child that thinks farting is funny (yes not something to condone, but I will take it).

I want to find the child that will grab your hand to take you the bathroom if the door is open (she is our door police).

I want to find the child who will be on top of a table in seconds flat.

This is Chick 3 today. She has been this way for 3 days. Her usual personality is somewhere in there, but the virus she has is taking over. Hopefully with all the Motrin and Tylenol we are giving her to keep the fever down will help get rid of that virus and bring back my missing Chick!


>When germs attack… AGAIN! November 25, 2009

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This “joke” describes this house to the T. I take this joke in all seriousness, because right now this is how I feel about these germs. They make me sick literally and figuratively.

These germs took residence a couple months ago and we thought when they packed their bags and left they were gone for good. Maybe I got too comfortable, because they are back.

Chick 2 has missed THREE more days of school. This is the 3rd time she has been sick this school year. This is a shocker, because this girl NEVER gets sick. She has the immune system of steel.

Because kids share EVERYTHING Chick 3 now has the runny nose. I really should change our family name to the Snot family. Maybe we can all have Kleenex for hands with all the snot.

My biggest resentment with these germs is the fact that my normal, loves to sleep child is now up every hour crying because she can’t breath through her nose. This mommy loves her sleep and right now these germs are going to get it!

I can picture it now.

Think cheesy western movie.

The sun is about to rise.

On one side of the dirt path you have an ugly looking Germ ready to duel.

His opponent?

A sleep deprived Mom who spends her days wiping noses filled with snot.

The germ gives Mom the look.

Mom returns the look.

Germ has hand on his germ spewing gun.

Mom has her hand on the super size can of Lysol.

Who will win?

Only time will tell.


>Germs germs germs October 26, 2009

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>A family of germs have taken residence at our wonderful abode. They have latched onto us all leaving us each with a different illness. Chick 2 was the first to feel the effects of our unwanted guest leaving her with 5 days missed of school within the first month. The guest are now taking residence in Chick 3 and Rooster. I had a blip of an illness so I could take care and nurture the rest of the brood.

So to the Germ family I bid you adieu and please do not expect a warm welcoming the next time you decide our house would be great for a pit stop. You are not welcome here anymore!