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No Habla Espanol… July 7, 2011

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I love reading Magazines.

I love People, Cosmo, and all the smut out there!

I must love them so much that people think I need magazines like these…

*This English inquiring mind would like to know… Is there a translation for Sex Tips?*

1. I don’t pay for them

2. Not sure if this a Punk’d moment in the form of magazines

3. I have been getting them for months

4. Am happy I can pass them to the side of the fam that can read them

5. Would REALLY love to be able to read them

Today I received a new one…

The positive on this one is at least I can read it.

I am really interested in reading about the article on Latinos and Marriage. Rooster is 1/2 Latino, so does that mean what is said here has 1/2 a chance of being a factor into ours?

So if I am being Magazine Punk’d can you please send me Us Weekly maybe? I think I am safe with that one right?


Taking it too far! April 21, 2011

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A few weeks ago a San Fransisco Giant fan went to a ball game at the opposing teams stadium

Said fan was beat unconscious because of being a fan of the rivaled team that played the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Yesterday I was reading my local news app on my phone and see that Rebecca Black, that sings the song Friday that became a You Tube sensation, is receiving threats, because someone wants her song off the internet.

I understand loving a team to the point where you think every other team sucks.

I understand disliking a song, because it isn’t your cup of tea.

But to physically harm someone because of what they like or what they sing?

The man that was beaten is a father, and just wanted to see his team play.

The 13 year old, yes THIRTEEN YEAR OLD, has a dream like every other starry eyed teen, who wants to make it big one day.

I may want the Giants to loose every game played against the Dodgers. Does that mean I want to beat up a fan of the opposing team?

No, because the love the game should mean more to you than who likes what team.

Do I like the song Friday? Honestly, Her genre is just not one I listen to, but many others do.

Do I want harm coming to this teenager? Absolutely not!

She has a dream and I hope she succeeds.

Have a listen! Let’s show her some love even if we don’t care for the song itself.

The man that was beaten at a baseball game is still in critical condition. Let’s pray that he does survive and the men who are responsible are caught!


>Cheaters never prosper! March 19, 2010

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I had been racking my brain for a topic for my blog today and kept coming short on what to write.

Then Rooster says, “Did you hear about Sandra Bullock?”

I reply with. “I heard something about cheating”

Rooster, “Jesse James cheated”

“That has to be a rumor”

Rooster, “People magazine confirmed.” He knew this would get me, because People magazine gets the facts. (or so I believe)

Then I browse Twitter and see that E! has an article about his apology.

All I can think is “SAY IT ISN’T SO JESSE!!!!

But it is so. He admitted it. He is a cheat. Another Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston nightmare.

It is stories like these where Hollywood gets a bad name. Even when you think a Hollywood couple is strong and will surpass those weak yuppies that think marriage and divorce is another sport, you are blind sided once again.
I know there is always more to the story, but if your unhappy enough to cheat then leave.

At least this way you cut ties before anyone needs to get hurt more than they need to.

It frustrates me when I hear that people cheat whether it is emotionally or physically. Communicate, seek counseling, pray, but please don’t look elsewhere.

I am happy he is able to apologize, but in the words of Rachel Green, “Once a cheater always a cheater.” (ironic isn’t it?)

This goes both ways ladies.