3 Chicks and a Rooster

We may seem like one ordinary family, but we are one unique chicken coop!

Wordless Wednesday: We are normal! May 18, 2011

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As long as it helps me sleep at night right? 😉


Wordless Wednesday: No Barbie Required April 13, 2011

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Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Wordless Wednesday: A Resourceful Chick March 2, 2011

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*The mess is brought to you by Baby Chick, who thinks cleanliness is no fun*


>Wordless Wednesday: My Chick is growing too fast! October 6, 2010

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>This Chick 2 on her first day of 5th grade! 5th GRADE!!!! Next year she will be a middle schooler! This momma chick is really going to have to try and contain herself this year.


>Wordless Wednesday: Nature in the City June 30, 2010

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>You would never guess but on all sides of this there are very busy streets and one of southern California’s busiest freeways. Who would think that in a busy city you could go back to nature and amazingly not hear the sounds of traffic.


>Wordless Wednesday: I don’t wanna sleep! June 16, 2010

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Aren’t most kids afraid of dark closets? Not mine! She will do anything to not go to bed. This means hiding in the closet.

>Wordless Wednesday: Where I plan to spend my summer June 9, 2010

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Summer is almost here and this is the place I plan on spending my summer days!