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Taking it too far! April 21, 2011

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A few weeks ago a San Fransisco Giant fan went to a ball game at the opposing teams stadium

Said fan was beat unconscious because of being a fan of the rivaled team that played the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Yesterday I was reading my local news app on my phone and see that Rebecca Black, that sings the song Friday that became a You Tube sensation, is receiving threats, because someone wants her song off the internet.

I understand loving a team to the point where you think every other team sucks.

I understand disliking a song, because it isn’t your cup of tea.

But to physically harm someone because of what they like or what they sing?

The man that was beaten is a father, and just wanted to see his team play.

The 13 year old, yes THIRTEEN YEAR OLD, has a dream like every other starry eyed teen, who wants to make it big one day.

I may want the Giants to loose every game played against the Dodgers. Does that mean I want to beat up a fan of the opposing team?

No, because the love the game should mean more to you than who likes what team.

Do I like the song Friday? Honestly, Her genre is just not one I listen to, but many others do.

Do I want harm coming to this teenager? Absolutely not!

She has a dream and I hope she succeeds.

Have a listen! Let’s show her some love even if we don’t care for the song itself.

The man that was beaten at a baseball game is still in critical condition. Let’s pray that he does survive and the men who are responsible are caught!


I am a Crazy Slut… April 20, 2011

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Crazy Book Slut

Get your mind out of the gutter, because I am not that kind of slut.

I am now a Crazy Book Slut!

What does this mean?

This means that I am now part of the most AWESOME book blog Crazy Book Slut!

PLEASE go over there and check it out, because even if I am impartial, this blog is the epitome of COOL!

Thanks go out to my GREAT friend Tena for including me in the new venture.

Believe me when I say will NOT disappoint!

Head on over now!


Silk(R) 10 Day Challenge April 14, 2011

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I love milk.

Milk does not love me back.

I drink it, because I cringed whenever I thought of drinking soy milk, or anything lactose free.

A few weeks ago I got an email asking me to take the Silk(R) 10 day challenge.

If I didn’t care for it I would say so, if I did than score for both the product and me.

I replaced my glass of milk with Silk(R) for 10 days.

My findings?

Silk(R) is Da Bomb! (Yes I said Da Bomb)

Not only do I love the taste, but I also felt a world of difference with my body.

There were none of the side effects that I got with regular milk.

The plus side that in WW land 1 cup of Silk(R) is 2 points, just like fat-free milk.

You get more flavor without the watery taste that comes from fat-free milk.

This will be the only “milk” I drink from now on.

What about recipes that include milk?

Just put in Silk(R) instead.

Take the 10 day challenge as well by visiting Silk(R) today and get a coupon for trying!

*I wrote this review for BzzAgent who gave me the opportunity to take part in the Silk(R) campaign.*


Wordless Wednesday: No Barbie Required April 13, 2011

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Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Let’s Talk About… April 12, 2011

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Last week Fashionista Chick had another coming of age moment.

She got the puberty talk at school. She knows about periods, and that periods means you can have babies.

This talk was more in-depth of the female anatomy and also male anatomy.

As a parent of a tween I am fully aware that in our sexualized society that teen pregnancy is very visible. Just turn to MTV and you have Teen Mom and Jersey Shore (BTW my daughter is NOT allowed to watch).

What I find the most ironic that in a sex obsessed country the topic of sex is so hard to talk about with children.

Studies show that in countries that talk freely pregnancies and STD’s in teens is lower than in the USA where we focus on abstinence over taking precautions.

My plan?

Fashionista knows she can come to me about anything. I have also made other outlets for her just in case, i.e. aunts, cousins, etc.

She knows she can say the word penis and vagina without thinking of them as dirty words.

The real SEX talk will be coming sooner than later. Sooner than when I got the talk, because let’s face it times have changed a bit.

I will tell her that I would like her to abstain till marriage, but also give her education on what precautions to take as well.

I will tell her that her father was my first (truth) and that it is more special when the relationship is a great one (ours was).

I could be that parent that thinks their child will wait for marriage (I really do hope she does), but who are we kidding?

Did I wait? No.

If you did, then I have a loads of respect.



WE DID IT! March 30, 2011

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Or any day!

Yes you read right!

We are officially a non-binky house!

No more worrying about looking under couches and cushions.

No more worrying about pushed out teeth.

I wish I could say it was easy and it only took a day.

Nope nothing with baby Chick is ever easy.

It took one week without the incessant crying.

It took two weeks without asking for it.

It took three weeks without mentioning the word at all.

It was hard work, but we did it!

Baby Chick is binky free!



Out with the Old, In with the New #1 March 28, 2011

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I hate diets!

I mean the word die comes with it.

I do, however like to live a healthy life by eating right and exercising.

Does that mean I eat bland, tasteless food?


For example:

The old me would eat 2 fried eggs and about 5 pieces of bacon.

The new me replaced the old with the new:

One fried egg: 2 points in WW land

Two slices of turkey bacon: 1 point in WW land

One banana: O points in WW land

Grand total for this breakfast: 3 pointsplus points!

This breakfast is just as tasty, healthier, AND most importantly FILLING!

Tune in next Monday for my next “Out with the Old In with the New!”

*For more information on the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program go here*