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>CoverGirl Blast Review June 15, 2010

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>I am a girl that loves make up so when I had the chance to take part in the CoverGirl Blast campaign I applied through BzzAgent.

I filled out the survey and chose my colors, Purple plume. It really isn’t a color I tend to go for, but was the color that I kept leaning towards.

About the product:

“Getting sophisticated, colorful smoky eyes with little effort is what Smoky ShadowBlast is all about. Dramatic, sophisticated smoky eyes have never been this easy.”

When I received my product I was skeptical, because it was a liquid type product, where I am used to using powder. I was up for the challenge. This shadow only takes 2 steps to apply and CoverGirl has a how-to video on their site that is easy to follow. See the video here below:

I followed these tips and got a new shadow look. I am not used to plums, but the product is easy to use. I did touch up once after applying to make sure my look was how I really wanted it. This was my ending result.

I would say that I really do like this product! I usually use 4 different shadows to get the look I want. Using this CoverGirl Blast Shadow I only needed 2 colors, so I did use little effort. I did not add any other colors of shadow or eyeliner to my look. I did use my own mascara.

Would I use it again?

Most definitely! Go to the CoverGirl site to learn more about their new Blast Collection!


One Response to “>CoverGirl Blast Review”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    >I love the plum! It gives you the smokey eye, without making you look like you have dark circles under your eyes. Beautiful.

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